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Serving some of the biggest names in North Akron

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We have 15 years experience plowing some of the biggest accounts in Northeast
Ohio.  We have the equipment to move large amounts snow - FAST.  Don’t trust your accounts to just anyone. We have plowed the equivalent of 4,000 football fields serving some of the biggest accounts and clients in North Akron. 

We work round the clock so by the time your company begins, your fleet of works can come and go freely without any hiccups.  We have the experience to place the snow far away from where your customers, employees foot traffic is not affected as well.

We offer competitive pricing that wont cut into your bottom line!
“From this House to your House or let a real House take care of your House!
… or Business for that matter!”

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Our client list over the past 15 years has served quality companies such as UPS and General Tire...




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