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Picture this. You wake up tomorrow morning, look out the window, and see four feet of freshly fallen snow. 

Uggh!  Then your head swivels to the driveway. Ahhh. Your driveway has been cleared away perfectly. Even the street curb which, is usually the heaviest snow to lift and where city plows stack up snow so high you need a bull dozer to get through - has a nice WIDE clear path to the street. 

When the snow hits you can usually add an extra 40 minutes to your day, making you late to work or any other appointment. However,  since you have hired House's you wont have to break your back shoveling snow.  Most importantly, you won't skip a beat in the morning.

Your driveway wont be all icy half of the winter season because you decided not to clear it away one time.

Your front yard wont be all over the driveway cause you decided to hire one of those ONE-AND-DONE companies who wants to make a fast buck and are not in it for the long haul. We pride ourselves on our quality of service. Our track record speaks
for itself. 

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