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US Weather Forecasts

NOAA National Weather Service
NWS has local, regional, and nation-wide weather forecasts for the United States, including my favorite, the forecast discussion for Boston and Massachusetts zone forecasts, which aren't available anywhere else, as well as the extended forecast for Massachusetts, which is. There are also a number of interesting graphical forecasts available, such as a 6-hour radar loop for the continental US.

Lots of 5-day forecasts, including Boston and Amado, AZ, near Mt. Hopkins Observatory. Planet rise and set times are available for anywhere they have forecasts for, including Boston and Amado.

The Weather Channel
The most frequently-updated current conditions and local forecast, including Akron and other Northeast Ohio cities, as well as lots of weather facts and shareware.

The Weather Underground
This is a good HTML interface to current US weather forecasts including Boston and Tucson, with frequently-updated current conditions.
Intellicast USA Weather

Intellicast USA Weather Graphical commercially-sponsored USA Today-styled weather forecasts for the US, including Boston. We watch the radar loop to predict when rain will strike Boston.

Yahoo's weather news home page has a lot of current weather news from all over the world, with access to local forecasts, including Boston.





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